The 2.3 was designed while Chris Mitchell was living in Singapore in the 1980’s. In Chris’ mind it would be the perfect craft to introduce sailing to Asians, who generally don’t come from a swimming and boating background like in the western world. So it was designed with novices in mind, and was sailed seated in a deck chair like seat, facing forward, steered with an intuitive joystick, it had an easily reduced sail area to keep it manageable in strong winds, and a ballasted keel so it would not capsize.

Back in Australia, in 1994 the disabled fraternity recognised the Hansa boats’ potential. Over the next 15 years Chris designed the 303, the Liberty and the SKUD.

But twenty years down the track we have progressed and can see that the best thing you can offer people with disabilities is not segregated disabled sporting programs, but make it possible for these often disadvantaged people to be included in everyday main stream activities.
That’s called Inclusion – or “sailing for everyone”.